How important is a sense of physical well-being?

How important is a sense of physical well-being?

Q What do we mean by physical well-being?

A state of physical well-being is not just the absence of disease. It includes lifestyle behavior choices to ensure health, avoid preventable diseases and conditions, and live in a balanced state of body, mind, and spirit. You’ll find articles on this topic in the Wellness Milestones index

8 steps to achieve your physical well-being

  1. Be Accountable. Accept the fact that you—and only you—are      responsible for You
  2. Measure. You can track where you are going and know where      you have been.
  3. Analyze. see areas that need immediate attention or perhaps      a trend in the right or wrong direction
  4. Research.  What tools and technology are available that      can improve your overall performance in life?
  5. Hire. hire consultants      all the time. Do you need to consult an expert?
  6. Fire. Fire someone who is      a bad influence on your journey toward physical wellness.
  7. Create a strategic plan. create a strategic      plan to ensure that achieves its goal of life satisfaction
  8. Implement. Action, action,      action.

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