Living Life of Prosperity Intro

We are going to discuss about Language of Prosperity, Powerful Words used in day today life and how they can impact our life, Powerful Principals, different frameworks, various financial solutions, various case studies, Interviews of people who have successfully implemented the Prosperity Lifestyle Frameworks in life and have reached to the next level of financial Freedom. You can seek actionable solutions by regularly listening to this Podcasts.

You must be wondering who I am, and why am crating this podcast series.

So I am Nitin Narkhede, IT Professional with over 32 years of Experience, worked in many Multinational organizations in senior capacities, I have gone through lot of hardships in achieving freedom in Wealth, Health, Happiness & Spirituality. For last 12 years am coaching People in Living Life Powerfully Living Life They Love. I have been taking trainings from various leaders in industry for last 5 years.

And now I am on a mission to Empower and enable more than 100K families in my lifetime to live life of prosperity without compromising on their life dreams.  I want to help, support, and motivate my listeners, I want to raise awareness, I want to help bring about a change in culture and in the world. My dream is a world where everyone has a freedom of living their life the way they want to without be compromising on their dream Lifestyle

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